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DAPPER: Seamless, Tailored Code Review

Period: Jan 2023 - Dec 2027
PI: Emma Söderberg, Lund University
Funding: WASP

Code review is a significant activity within modern professional software development, where it has been widely accepted as an essential part of professional practice and is one of the key collaborative activities that occur within teams of developers. However, despite this key role in software development and organisational practice, it is a relatively under characterised activity, especially with regard to the developer experience and to what extent tools are supporting the code review process. In our past work in this area, we have seen mismatches in the tasks the developers are doing and the information they have available, leading to unnecessary social tensions in teams. We see issues embedded in the code review tooling, with the most fundamental one being a repeat of the superlativist assumption that there is one workflow and tool that is best independent of context. We hypothesise that this one size fits all assumption lies at the heart of many of the problems. In this project, we seek to expand on this preliminary empirical data and the experimental platform we have built to ask the question: “how can code reviews be made fit for purpose?” [More info]

ADAPT: Adaptive Developer Tools

Period: Jan 2020 - March 2025
PI: Emma Söderberg, Lund University
Funding: Vetenskapsrådet (project-id: 2019-05658), SSF (project-id: FFL18-0231)

Program analysis aims to assist with development of high quality software. However, software developers are having usability issues with program analysis results and are missing out on potentially useful information. The purpose of this project is to explore how adaptive developer tools can make program analysis more useful. [More info]

GANDER: Gazing at Code Review(s)

Period: Jan 2021 - Dec 2022
PI: Emma Söderberg, Lund University
Funding: ELLIIT

Developers are spending a lot of time trying to understand and review other developers' code. We want to simplify this task. In this project, we aim to explore how eye-tracking (measuring what engineers look at and in what order) can be used to provide developer tools that can adapt to the current needs of a developer in a specific context. [More info]