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Emma Söderberg

I am an associate professor / senior lecturer at Lund University specializing in Programming Tools in the Software Development and Environments group at the Department of Computer Science. I completed my Ph.D. in 2013 at Lund University under the supervision of Görel Hedin (Thesis: Contributions to the Construction of Extensible Semantic Editors). As of March 2018, I have returned to Lund University after four years in industry, working on developer tools at Google in Mountain View and Copenhagen (Tricorder, Shipshape, Tricium).

Contact: See cs.lth.se/emma-soderberg, Twitter: @EmmaSoederberg

Research Interest: I typically work in interdisciplinary research projects in the intersection of programming tools, software engineering, and human-computer interaction, where I focus on how programming tools can support human needs in the software development process.

Supervision and Openings: I supervise projects on all levels (from B.Sc. to Postdoc) and occationally I have openings for Ph.D. students, postdocs, and student programmers. I'm always interested in working with motivated students. Please reach out if you have an interest in this area and we can discuss possibilities. I try to list current openings here.


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2024: Onwards! Essays (PC), <Programming> (GC), OOPSLA (RC - R1).
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